In late January 2018, Airbus Helicopters announced it had delivered 409 helicopters and completed the first phase of the revamp of its industrial model begun in 2014. In 2017, the manufacturer also announced it had logged “335 net orders.” It also noted that its heavy and super-medium aircraft achieved “solid commercial performances,” with “54 orders for Super Puma helicopters” and 19 for the super-medium H175. Lightweight helicopters remained at the top of the orders list, nonetheless, with 168 orders for single-engine H125s and H130s, and 105 for H135 and H145 twin-engines. “As we launch a second wave of company transformation this year, our main focus will be to speed up these efforts through increased digitalization of our products, services and operations—for the benefit of our customers and the safety of our fleet,” declared CEO Guillaume Faury. FB