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To assist our customers in their troubleshooting needs, we have created a FREE Webinar Series of maintenance tips to help you and your crew with common issues related to Rolls-Royce. Best of all, these technical online events are offered free of charge and are accessible to your maintenance staff, wherever they may be. This webinar series includes three sessions: Power Assurance Checks & Trend Monitoring, Fuel System, Maintenance & Adjustment, and Engine Oils, Lubrication, Monitoring, & Trending.

Ron Geall, a StandardAero Field Service Technician and Engine Instructor with over 20 years of experience with the M250/RR300 engines is presenting this webinar series. In the next session on Thursday, July 2, 2020, he will discuss topics such as maintenance of the oil system, the different types of Rolls-Royce approved engine oils, guidelines on mixing oils, oil filtration, as well as troubleshooting methods to help locate possible causes of oil contamination, and more.

REGISTER HERE yourself or your crew to attend the NEXT 90-minute Rolls-Royce M250/RR300 Webinar Series or to watch past webinars on demand. You can also contact us at or +(514) 914-1068.