The FlytX avionics suite developped by Thales has been selected by VR-Technologies, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters, to equip the future VRT500 light single-engine civil helicopter. 

Complete, integrated and connected to open-world systems with end-to-end cybersecurity assurance by Thales, the FlytX avionics suite reduces pilot workload with optimum safety. FlytX also offers a 40% reduction in weight, space and energy consumption compared to other current avionics suites. 

FlytX features a latest-generation user interface based on a large-format, integrated 15-inch touchscreen display to simplify the pilot’s tasks thanks to the most innovative technologies.

The single-screen version of the FlytX avionics suite will equip the VRT500, the future light single-engine civil helicopter from VR-Technologies. VRT500 the unique helicopter operates in 8 different configurations. Whatever the mission, whether it involves passengers, cargo, medical evacuation or public safety, the VRT500 is the solution. State-of-the-art avionics offering pilots new opportunities by simplifying their missions, boosting their performance and ensuring an optimum level of safety.

From transporting freight and passengers to conducting search and rescue operations in mountainous areas or crossing remote, inaccessible regions, civil helicopter pilots perform an extremely varied range of critical missions. The digital transformation of the aerospace sector offers civil helicopter pilots new opportunities as the latest technologies change their mission profiles. Thales supports pilots in their day-to-day operations, helping to reduce their workload while improving safety and operational performance.

Drawing on Thales’s avionics expertise, the advanced FlytX user interface offers pilots an extremely efficient flying experience. Its large-format, integrated 15-inch touchscreen display is designed for smooth interaction between pilot and onboard systems, with quick, intuitive access to information simplifying the decision-making process. Customisable and designed to accommodate future system evolutions and functions, this flight deck of the future is ready to meet the specific requirements of any crew flying any type of mission.

The fully connected FlytX suite can be interfaced in flight and on the ground with open-world applications. With end-to-end cybersecurity assurance from Thales, pilots can therefore use any mission-specific application and keep the helicopter in touch with the outside world at all times.

FlytX was specifically developed to meet the needs of pilots. It is the culmination of a decade of research and development that has led to the emergence of a new generation of streamlined flight decks offering a 40% reduction in size, weight and power consumption. The FlytX avionics suite is compact, lightweight and connected to improve the safety of VFR (visual flight rules) flights. Available as a retrofit option for in-service helicopters, FlytX is an ideal solution for any customer and can be tailored to different aircraft types and the level of upgrade required.