With the deadline for 2017 Scholarship applications fast-approaching, Midlands-based Helicentre Aviation Academy have announced a 2018 Helicopter Pilot Scholarship programme, the sixth year this ever-expanding academy have offered such a life-changing opportunity to help budding pilots fast-track their way onto the career ladder.  Helicentre Aviation will award two full Scholarships: a Commercial Pilot (CPL(H)) Scholarship, with a value of £55k, and a Flight Instructor (FI(H)) Scholarship, worth £19k, to successful applicants. The CPL(H) Scholarship will cover the entire cost of all post-PPL(H) hour building (including the chance to fly some hours at the company’s Winter Haven base in the Sunshine State of Florida, USA), the ATPL(H) theoretical knowledge course and the complete CPL(H) modular flying course – a total of up to 145 hours flight time in a Guimbal Cabri G2. The FI(H) Scholarship will pay for the complete 30-hour Flight Instructor course and will reward the winner with a full-time Flight Instructor position with the Academy upon completion.

Our Scholarship programme has been extremely successful, providing winners with much-needed funding in order to complete their professional training,” Head of Training, Captain Sarah Bowen explained. “It has also proved to be instrumental in identifying extreme talent and professionalism; this is not just in the winning candidates but also in the overall high calibre of unsuccessful applicants, many of whom have secured career opportunities with us as professional helicopter pilots.

Our previous three Scholarship winners were able to complete some of their hour building in Florida during the UK winter months. Our Scholarship programme was created to meet the ever-growing demand for helicopter pilots and has proven to be the biggest single investment in the future of our industry that we as a company have made. We are extremely proud of the quality of talent we have discovered and developed thanks to our Scholarship programme.”

Anyone wishing to apply for either of these incredible scholarship opportunities should ensure they have submitted their application and enrolled on Helicentre Aviation Academy’s Private Pilot’s Licence (H) course before 31st December 2017. To be considered, applicants must complete their PPL(H) by Sunday 30th September 2018. Scholarship applicants also have the opportunity to apply for the Academy’s BSc (Hons) Degree course, in partnership with Middlesex University. With access to student finance, if eligible, the cost of self-funding the remainder of the Commercial Pilot’s Licence is reduced to a minimum. The Scholarship programme, which is unlike any other in the country, has awarded in excess of £380k in professional training since its launch in 2012. The selection process for this year’s Scholarships will begin in October, once all applications received before the 30th September deadline have been reviewed.