This year marks 35 years of a commitment to safety, quality and customer service for Metro Aviation, the largest privately-owned, traditional air medical operator and global completion leader. The company has enjoyed a long tradition of innovation and “firsts” in the industry, and currently operates more than 140 aircraft for 35 air medical programs across the country.

Metro Aviation was the first operator to equip its entire fleet with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and the company partnered with FlightSafety International to build the world’s first Level D, Full Motion EC135 simulator and the western hemisphere’s first Level D Full Motion EC145 simulator.  Metro was among one of the first companies to see the benefit in simulator time for pilots, sending them to train in other model types before simulators for their fleet even existed.  In addition, Metro was one of only three Part 135 operators out of 2,200 to reach Level IV of the FAA’s Safety Management System Pilot Program, and the first and only Part 145 certificate holder to reach Level IV.

Metro Aviation has always been customer-centric, and credits the absence of sales goals and growth metrics as a top contributor to their success.  “We have always been invested in our customer as a partner, and because of that we have enjoyed a slow and steady growth,” says Metro CEO Mike Stanberry.  “We are truly blessed, humbled and thankful for all of our customers and employees, both seasoned and new.

Metro’s commitment to customers has translated into several value-added services over the last decade.  From the creation of a smartphone app to request a helicopter and formation of a customer support team to aid operations customers with billing and business management to the annual Leadership Education, Advancement and Development Conference and the large investment of inventory to reduce program down times, the company has centered itself around taking care of its customers to ensure their success.