Milestone Aviation Group, a helicopter leasing company, and Airbus Helicopters announced in early September that they will supply five H145s to Aramco Overseas Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, an oil and chemical company. All five aircraft are from Milestone’s order book with Airbus and are expected to be delivered to Aramco over the next twelve months. The latter commitment to lease five light helicopters will be added to the 24 aircraft that Milestone currently leases to Aramco. “We are pleased that Aramco has chosen the H145 for its twin-engine renewal program in Saudi Arabia,” said Bruno Even, Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Helicopters, adding that “the Kingdom is a key and historic partner for Airbus which hosts our subsidiary in the region. We also thank Milestone for allowing the introduction of the H145 to a new operator through their longstanding relationship with Aramco and their existing order book with Airbus.”