Patria consolidates its helicopter maintenance operations in Norway for better customer support and efficiency selling its Bardufoss operations (Patria Helicopters AS) to Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) of which Patria owns 49,9% of the shares. The deal is effective from July 1, 2020.

“The main purpose of the deal is to help the Norwegian Armed Forces to increase the availability of their NH90 fleet. KAMS is a strategic partner of the Norwegian Armed Forces, and the Bardufoss operations will have much better opportunities to operate within a bigger Norwegian entity in future”, states Jukka Holkeri, President of Patria’s International Support Partnerships business unit.

In Bardufoss, there is a one-stop shop for maintenance, repair and overhaul services specialised in the maintenance of helicopters. Patria acquired the unit in 2011. The unit employs 27 persons.

KAMS supply maintenance, repair and modification services for aircraft, helicopters, components and field equipment to the Norwegian Armed Forces and other military and civilian organizations. It is located in Kjeller and Rygge in Norway, and the company employs 285 persons.