Russian Helicopters has signed a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense for the development of a modern shipborne helicopter. A signing ceremony was held as part of the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2020”, which is taking place in the Patriotic Park of Recreation and Leisure “Patriot” in the Moscow Region.

This marks a new stage in the creation of modern shipbornehelicopter. Earlier, working together with the Russian Ministry of Defense, we established the terms of reference required for R&D side of this project. Today, we validated the project with the signing of relevant documents. The new shipborne helicopter design has now been completely established, and we are moving on schedule, in accordance with the goals set by the customer“, said the Director General of Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky.

Development work will be carried out by specialists from the National Helicopter Center Мil&Kamov. In accordance with the approved schedules, first stage of development is planned to be completed within three years. 

The project will lead to the creation of universal shipbornehelicopter capable of performing search and rescue, troop transport and ASW missions.