Sikorsky has been notified that the city of San Diego intends to purchase an S-70i. The San Diego City Council voted last Wednesday, December 13, 2017 to approve the purchase of the Firehawk helicopter to cover its firefighting needs. The S-70i can also plan missions and direct other firefighting aircraft, and provide emergency medical service transport, search and rescue, and logistic support. Once modified, it will be equipped with a 1,000-gallon (3,785-liter) water tank, extended landing gear, and a medically-equipped interior. Compared to LA County’s three existing S-70A model Firehawk aircraft, the S-70i variant includes wide chord rotor blades for increased payload and maneuverability, enhanced engine power, a stronger airframe, a digital cockpit with flight management system for enhanced situation awareness, and an Integrated Vehicle Health Management System to monitor the aircraft’s operational health.  Among improved safety features, the S-70i aircraft includes a terrain and obstacle avoidance system that alerts aircrew to the proximity of potential hazards on the ground. The City of San Diego will become the second jurisdiction to order the Firehawk this year after an order for two S-70 aircraft from the Los Angeles County Fire Department.