Airbus’s fleet of helicopter equipped with the Helionix avionics system has reached the symbolic milestone of 100,000 hours of flight, just three years after customers began operations. Originally commissioned with the H145 and H175, this digital avionics suite was later certified in the H135. It will soon equip the H160 and other helicopters in the current and future range of Airbus Helicopters. Designed by Airbus Helicopters for greater mission flexibility and operational security, the Helionix suite grew out of the operators’ need for a more powerful avionics system with greater functionality and computing capabilities, but also easier to use and relying on fewer screens. “Helionix is ​​a concept that has been praised by users for its intuitive man-machine interface and autopilot mode. These features allow pilots to focus more on the flight itself and increase the safety of the flight” said Jean-Jacques Mevel, Head of the Helionix program before adding: “We continue to invest in Helionix with the steady improvement of the software, which has recently made it possible to integrate the reinforcement of the SAR capabilities as well as the Rig N ‘Fly automatic oil platform approach.”