Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), a Sikorsky subsidiary, and Fly Blade, a mobile app rental company, have reached an agreement to offer a new urban mobility option on demand in the New York area. Under this agreement, AAG will supply and operate an S-76C + helicopter on behalf of Blade. The aircraft will be flown and maintained by Sikorsky crews and technicians. If needed, Blade will also have access to AAG’s full Sikorsky helicopter fleet, one of the largest in the Northeastern United States.

In addition to the operation of the helicopter, the agreement also provides for the establishment of a working group to analyze the consumers and operators habits based on the feedback provided by the platform. technology. “As a leader in vertical flight, Sikorsky is always on the search for new opportunities,” said Audrey Brady, Vice President, Commercial Systems and Services, Sikorsky. “Vertical displacement is becoming increasingly important as cities grow, and this relationship allows us to have a critical view of emerging needs in this space.”