Wysong Enterprises completed the conversion of an Eagle Copter 407 HP from a VIP transport aircraft to a firefighting aircraft for Helicopter Express.

The Eagle 407 HP is a very versatile aircraft, “ said Wysong Enterprises Sales Manager Paul Schreuder. “Because of its versatility, it was easy to convert the aircraft from transportation to a firefighting aircraft. The power, payload, and range make this a good match for this type of mission. It was great to coordinate with both Eagle and Helicopter Express on this completion.

Wysong  installed new equipment from Dallas Avionics including two Technisonic Industries TDFM 136B radios, Jupiter Avionics JA-94 audio controller, radio adapter, and interface. An ELT, Blue Sky Hawkeye, and provision were also included in the conversion.


Special equipment was installed specifically for firefighting.  The new upgrades included a Forestry Service GPS Port, water bucket and Heli-Torch Relay.  A new LED position light conversion and various Garmin installations with provisions including GTS800 Traffic System, Garmin GTX 345 with ADS-B; GRA55 radar altimeter; GI205; and Garmin USB chargers were added.  Other safety features included an AAI wire strike, AAI locking fuel cap, various and AAI protector kits.

The interior was upgraded with new leather seating, iPad Mount, rewebbing the seat belts, and relocating instruments to accommodate new mission layout. Wysong has worked on three aircraft for Eagle Copters.

We have a lot of confidence in Wysong’s abilities and in their team,” said Eagle Copters Spyke Whiting.  “We had some time constraints and Wysong was able to get the work done for us quickly.  I have great confidence in their abilities and we have worked with them on numerous occasions.” 


Helicopter Express is known for special missions, including heavy lifting, utility, and construction, disaster relief, aerial cinematography, charters, and firefighting.  Wysong has worked on 21 aircraft for Helicopter Express.  

We have been working with Wysong for more than 20 years and we always get a quality product from them,” said Helicopter Express President and Chief Operating Officer Richie Kittrell. “They have done the type of work on this aircraft for us, as well as working on green aircraft. They have performed avionics repairs and changes of equipment for us regularly because of the changing FAA equipment requirements that are specific to our missions.  Wysong is truly a one-stop-shop. We can get everything from a new paint job to new avionics from Wysong. The Eagle 407 is the industry leader in the light aircraft market. This is our seventh one. We can do everything we need to fight fires all over the country. The Eagle HP is head and shoulders above anything else.”