Eagle Copters Ltd. recently delivered a fully customized factory new Airbus H125 for the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).  Working in conjunction with EPS and Airbus, the highly configured new “AIR-2”, is expected to be placed into service shortly. 

As part of the completion package, EPS upgraded to the P132 Electrical Console and P139-HD Digital Audio System manufactured by Eagle Copters branded as Eagle Audio. The P139 Generation II Digital Audio System builds on Eagle Audio’s (formerly Geneva Aviation) proven track record in Airborne Law Enforcement and Public Safety completions. The Edmonton Police Service H125 upgrade was completed entirely in-house at Eagle’s Canadian headquarters in Calgary, Canada. 

“The Audio system has been extremely popular with Law enforcement, EMS, and government agencies worldwide for its leading-edge multicast and bi-directional repeater technology. It’s Night Vision compatibility, and the ability to support up to 20 Transceivers and 12 headsets, makes it versatile and scalable for any mission specific application.” Explains Luba Jovicic, Eagle Audio Sales & Customer Support

Eagle Copters Ltd. takes pride in supporting the law enforcement community by providing services and equipment for further enhance ensure citizen and officer safety at all times.