FlightSafety International announces a significant expansion of the training programs it offers for the Sikorsky S-70 helicopter.

FlightSafety now offers FAA approved IFR training in a Sikorsky S-70 Level D qualified simulator. This includes unrestricted S-70 type rating and ATP courses. A new FAA approved S-70A VFR variant course is also offered.

The S70 and S-70i training programs and simulators are designed to increase pilot proficiency and enhance safety in both routine and unexpected operating conditions. The simulators are capable of replicating a wide variety of scenarios that enable pilots to experience situations that would be too dangerous, too impractical or impossible to practice in an aircraft. This includes major systems failures, heavy icing and power loss under hot and high conditions.

The simulators are now configured for firefighting scenarios. This new capability includes simulated belly tank/snorkel and bambi bucket external loads with emergency jettison. The VITAL 1100 visual system installed in the S-70i simulator presents visual scenes that accurately depict firefighting scenarios that can be tailored to the specific area of operations. The simulators are also equipped for Night Vision Goggle training.