Entrol has received an order for a H19 / AW109 FTD Level 5 simulator from Helikorea. This H19 FTD Level 5 based on the AW109 will be the first Entrol simulator to be installed in South Korea, in the city of Daejeon. The FTD is equipped with a cylindrical visual system, a South Korean database with satellite imagery and Entrol mission with SAR and EMS scenarios. “We are glad that Helikorea has trusted us for their first helicopter simulator and we hope this is the beginning of a long term relationship” said Nacho Navacerrada, business manager of entrol. The reason of their choice explained by Jang D.S, general manager of Helikorea “The Entrol H19 / AW109 FTD Level 5 meets all our requirements and we believe it will enhance the training of Helikorea’s pilots. We will use the simulator for initial and advanced training, IFR, procedures and mission operations.