The contract provides for delivery of an Mi-171A2 to Indian company Vectra Group in 2018, with an option for the purchase of an additional helicopter. “A wide range of potential customers throughout the globe are keeping tabs on the development of this project, and I’m sure the certification and operation of the Mi-171A2 in India will help transform interest into new contracts,” declared Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky, after signing the contract.

The Mi-171A2 multirole helicopter is a modernized version of the Mi-8/M-17 series helicopters. There are about 80 modifications in the Mi-171A2 design as compared to the baseline model. The helicopter is equipped with VK-2500PS-03 engines and a digital control system. It also has a power unit with increased capacity and, therefore, strengthened transmission. Thanks to the digital navigation system with data displays, the helicopter can be operated by a crew of only two men. Introduction of equipment for diagnostics and monitoring of essential systems status as a part of airborne avionics has increased the helicopter’s reliability and made it possible to reduce maintenance time. The Mi-171A2 features an X-type anti-torque rotor, a new main rotor with all-composite blades, and improved airframe configuration.