By Frédéric Lert

On the occasion of the SOFINS exhibition dedicated to Special Forces, NHIndustries exhibits a full-size model of an NH90 carrying many evolutions in cabin. The development potential of the NH90 is very high, but it is necessary to have the means to afford these developments…


Most of the equipment presented here is only ideas or projects for the moment. It is up to the armed forces and special forces to make their own choices. It is on the formalized interest of a particular customer that the realization of the ideas put forward will depend. To date, no NH90 user nation has requested this capability, and no detailed study has been done. It is simply a very nice model of a nice idea… The same goes for the two-load arm: it is only a potential development. Still on the right side of the aircraft is shown a double folding gallows in the cabin, whose use is combined with that of a footboard also folding. In cruising flight, the footboard is folded up against the fuselage and the gallows reintegrated in cabin, which authorizes the closing of the doors. Other smooth ropes hung this time on a CRED (Central Rappeling and Extraction Device) symbolize an additional capacity of recall. They are attached to a frame that can also be used for additional seats installed back-to-back, facing the doors. A hatch in the floor, in the style of the Puma/Super Puma family, would allow the use of a quick extraction pod, as on the Caracal. At the rear of the cabin, an enlarged window (70 x 90cm on the model) would allow the installation of the support weapons which are currently placed in the opening of the doors and hinder the ascent and descent. The installation at the back would be innovative, but the presence of structural elements could make very complicated the widening of the openings at this place. To be continued! Finally, we notice the presence of two swinging doors fixed at the back of the hold, in place of the ramp. This installation would allow the use of a gallows at the very back of the helicopter, in the manner of the V-22. Provided that the displacement of the center of gravity authorizes it. Everything is possible, everything is feasible. It is enough to have the means.

©F. Lert