Helinetwork International, specialist in the sale of new and overhauled parts for civil and military helicopters, has announced a strategic partnership with Tech-Tool Plastics, one of the leaders in the helicopter window manufacturing industry during HAI Heli-Expo 2020. 

Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc. has been a major player in the industry for over 45 years. After starting its activity by designing plaster mockups and recision fiberglass aircraft tooling for other companies in the aviation industry, Tech-Tool Plastics has been able to respond to market needs by offering quality windows at an affordable price. Thanks to its experience in tooling, Tech-Tool Plastics is able to produce windows that fit perfectly, thus prolonging their life and transparency. Tech-Tool Plastics manufactures and markets a complete range of windows for Airbus, Bell, MD Helicopters, Robinson and Schweizer helicopters. 

Rotorplace is the 1rst online marketplace for aeronautics professionals specialising in helicopter spare parts. Operators, manufacturers or workshops, can now find all the parts they need, directly from the manufacturer’s factory and under warranty, in just a few clicks. With simple ergonomics and a purchasing process identical to the largest e-commerce sites, the act of purchasing is facilitated while having access to complete information. 

Thanks to this distribution agreement, all products manufactured by Tech-Tool Plastics will be available for sale on the Rotorplace marketplace. Parts can be purchased using the classic search function or directly from the digital Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC). 

This agreement represents the opportunity for Tech-Tool Plastics to expand its sales channels, particularly in the digital sector. For Helinetwork International, this agreement is part of its strategy to deploy the Rotorplace marketplace dedicated to helicopter / helicopter parts manufacturers. It thus reinforces the mixed fleet strategy by offering parts that are adapted to the different helicopter brands, on the same website.