Airbus Helicopters announced it had completed final qualification testing of its HForce weapons platform on the H145M, the military version of the company’s lightweight twin-engine. The tests were conducted on a base in Pàpa, in western Hungary. The integrated HForce weapon system, designed for use on the military versions of the H125, H145 and H225, aims to provide governments with adaptable equipment. It is designed to meet the requirements of defense agencies seeking to complement the abilities of their existing fleets of specialized attack helicopters. The HForce testing, conducted primarily on the H225, aims to achieve defense agency qualification in the very near future. The tested system featured guns (FN Herstal HMP400), unguided rockets (Thales FZ231) and cannons (Nexter NC621), as well as an electro-optical targeting system by Wescam (MX15) and a helmet-mounted sight display by Thales (Scorpion). The next steps prior to the qualification of HForce on the H145M include the development testing of laser-guided rockets in Sweden before the end of the year and additional live-firing trials in summer 2018.