Leonardo announced the delivery of the first of 16 AW101 all-weather search and rescue helicopters to the Norwegian Ministry of Justice & Public Security. On November 17, the aircraft left Leonardo’s Yeovil facility for Sola Air Base in southern Norway, where the aircraft will enter a period of Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) before entering service with the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 2018. Aircraft deliveries will continue through to 2020. SAR operations using the aircraft will be established at each of the six main operating bases. “The delivery of the first aircraft marks a major milestone for the Norwegian All-Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter program, and everyone is delighted to see the first AW101 in Norway. I would like to congratulate my team at the Ministry of Justice, key contributors within the Norwegian Defense sector, Leonardo and all other industry partners on achieving this milestone,” declared Bjorn Ivar Aarseth, NAWSARH Project Manager, Ministry of Justice & Public Security.