On 14 July 2017, Robinson Helicopter Company added the TB17 Lithium-ion battery to its R66 options. TB17 by True Blue Power, a division of Mid-Continent Instrument, offers substantial weight savings, improved starter performance and longer life. At 16 lb., the TB17 is significantly lighter than the R66’s standard battery which weighs 42 lb. And the optional high-capacity battery which weighs 52 lb. Lithium-ion chemistry holds a higher charge voltage and provides a more constant discharge rate than lead-acid delivering consistent, more reliable turbine starts. The battery’s internal heater enhances functionality in cold temperatures as low as -40°C. Typical battery life is 8 years with minimal required maintenance (visual inspection and capacity check) every 2 years. The TB17 battery passed rigorous manufacturer and FAA tests to ensure safety. A cockpit indicator warns the pilot if a battery fault is detected. During fault conditions, the battery automatically takes itself off-line. Built-in circuitry prevents overcharge and/or overheating, and the TB17’s advanced Nanophosphate chemistry is much less susceptible to thermal runaway than many other Lithiumion batteries.
Now available on new aircraft – $6,900