Safran Helicopter Engines has announced improvements to its SBH® (Support-By-the-Hour) service range. Created to provide a comprehensive “pay as you fly” service, SBH® solutions now cover the full scope of customer profiles: SBH®5Star for civil operators of up to five aircraft, SBH®Classic for fleets of six-plus aircraft and SBH®M for military air arms. SBH® is Safran Helicopter Engines maintenance-by-the-hour service. It has been continuously updated and now covers 40% of its customer turbines’ flying hours. “Over the past year”, commented Frederic Bugeon, Safran Helicopter Engines VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction, “100 customers subscribed to one of our SBH® contracts. With these offers, we are tailoring our service to each customer mission and fleet to maintain their levels of satisfaction as high as possible.”