Two years after launching the Health Monitoring service that enables customers to track their engines’ health indicator,  Safran Helicopter Engines has broaden its service offer. The service now has brand new features such as daily health indicators, in addition to the monthly recommendations; full automation of the engine performance trend follow up; and a newly user-friendly online interface. Safran is reinforcing the service’s customization possibilities and improves the user experience. During Heli-Expo, Air Center Helicopters has become the first North American operator to subscribe to the Premium Health Monitoring service. Safran Helicopter Engines uses predictive analyses and preventive maintenance to preserve the customers’ engines and optimize the operations of its customers. This service is based on more than sixty engine parameters that are converted into indicators through our algorithms.  With the knowledge of the proximity-based Safran experts, the recommendations are tailored to the customers’ operational configuration (missions, environment, etc.). Each Health Monitoring report also benefits from the worldwide fleet experience. Today, Health Monitoring already covers 3,200 engines operated by 500 customers. Health Monitoring is available for SBH – Support By the Hour customers in its Premium version. The operators benefiting from the service have seen reduction in costs, particularly in terms of labor, logisitics and administration.

Support By the Hour – SBH now proposes two expert digital solutions: Health Monitoring and Expert Link (real-time visual assistance). SBH is now digital and fully linked to cost control, engine protection and optimized technical support.