Rostec suggested implementing the government’s idea of ​​replacing helicopters over 25 years old in Russia on the basis of a rental program. These measures can be supported by the state program facilitating the purchase of new machinery for air carriers. The suggestion was announced by Anatoly Serdiyukov, director of Aviation Cluster, a state-owned company. The Russian civil helicopter fleet comprises of about 1800 helicopters, of which more than 60 to 70% have been operating for at least 25 years. Most of these helicopters were put into service from the beginning of the post-Soviet era, and much of this was purchased by air carriers in the early 1990s. According to the aircraft register, the Russian fleet consists mainly of Mi-8 helicopters. Due to the need of replacing part of the Russian helicopter fleet for a long time, Rostec is proposing measures that would facilitate the purchase of new aircraft for air carriers. “The renewal of the helicopter fleet will be supported by the state program to facilitate the purchase of new aircraft for air carriers. The program put in place will be similar to that implemented in the automotive industry,” stresses Anatoly Serdyukov before adding: “A recovery program can be developed, and a rental system can be used. For example, a former helicopter will be supported as the first payment, and an airline will receive a new helicopter in return.” Rostec Corporation’s initiative to replace obsolete helicopters is focused on improving aviation safety. If, according to the leader, “the manufacturers must propose new solutions on the market to facilitate the purchase of new helicopters for companies” the latter adds that the task for manufacturers “also consists of studying the leasing system and the rent compensation mechanism for new helicopter buyers. The initiative should become a really attractive solution that would help airlines renew their helicopter fleet. “