CHC Helicopter received its first H175, which will be used for offshore oil & gas missions, August 2, 2017. The aircraft was delivered in full offshore passenger transport configuration, allowing CHC to begin training and adjustment from the operator’s base in Aberdeen, Scotland, ahead of its operational launch later the same month.

H175 has been configured to carry 16 passengers in offshore oil and gas configuration and will benefit from a nose-to-tail HCare services contract. The HCare contract will help maximize cost efficiencies through coverage for all spare parts and repairable items supplied from Airbus Helicopters’ North Sea Fleet Centre, also in Aberdeen. Dave Balevic, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations at CHC Helicopter, said, “The H175 allows us to continue to refine our global fleet to meet the unique needs of our customers while offering the latest aircraft technology and capabilities.” The global fleet of 15 H175s has flown more than 12,000 hours so far.

By Frédéric Vergnères