As mentioned in issue 84 of Helicopter Industry, the third annual World Helicopter Day took place August 20, 2017.

Mick Cullen, its founder and most fervent supporter, noted that 12 events in six different regions of the globe were scheduled and announced via the World Helicopter Day website:

  • Australia, Brisbane (Aeropower Flight School)
  • Australia, Perth (Rotorvation Helicopters)
  • Canada, Abbotsford BC (BC Helicopters)
  • Canada, Quebec (Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère)
  • South Africa, Johannesburg (Henley Air)
  • South Africa, Cape Town (SkyRides)
  • England, Somerset (The Helicopter Museum)
  • Scotland, Kinloss (Morayvia Science and Technology Centre)
  • England, Leicestershire (Helicentre Aviation)
  • Hong Kong, Kowloon (Hong Hong Aviation Club)
  • USA, Pennsylvania (American Helicopter Museum)
  • USA, New York (Independent Helicopters)

Next year’s World Helicopter Day will take place Sunday August 19, 2018.

By François Blanc